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According to Wikipedia , the name granola is based on these facts:
James Caleb Jackson, a US sanatorium operator , sold Granula , which consisted of baked whole wheat flour, from 1863. John Harvey Kellogg , inventor of corn flakes , launched a similar product under the same name in 1878, later renamed granola for legal reasons.

Despite its obvious disadvantages (heavy, fragile, more expensive), we deliberately chose glass. In our eyes it is simply the best packaging material. Why? In contrast to PET or paper bags, glass does not interact with its environment. That means: glass is like a safe. It doesn't take on any taste and doesn't give off any taste. AND glass is simply beautiful! We put a lot of effort into making amazinGranola. Wouldn't it be inconsistent not to choose the best packaging as well, wouldn't it? Other types of packaging such as plastic or paper bags (which are often coated with plastic on the inside) are of course cheaper and lighter, but they also have a number of disadvantages. Only glass gets the taste and quality of amazinGranola. In particular, we can also create the decisive vacuum in our glass, which keeps our gourmet granola crispy. Glass can also be filled much more hygienically than plastic bottles or paper bags, which extends the shelf life under the premise of nutrient conservation. In addition, glass is made exclusively from natural raw materials and is 100% recyclable. In this way, used shards are constantly being turned into new glass in a closed cycle, which can be used for the further production of beer, wine or even granola glasses - these also consist of 45-50% old glass, by the way. And if the bottle is too good for the we have a fewideas for you

In principle, the large glass cannot be returned - also for logistical reasons . It is intended to be disposable, but can be used for many other purposes in your home.

We take back the small glass from B2B (Business to Business) cooperation partners, wash it and use it again. This applies to hotels and restaurants that we supply ourselves.

We produce several times a week and our amazinGranola has an MHD (best before date) of at least 3 months from the day of manufacture. The BBD refers to the ingredient in our warehouse that has the shortest shelf life. The MHD can therefore also be significantly longer.

Once opened, we recommend consuming amazinGranola within 10 days. Depending on the location, temperature and humidity, the fruit can change its consistency.

The expiry of the MHD does not mean that the content is no longer enjoyable. Unopened, vacuumed products can usually be enjoyed for a long time. Trust your sense of taste, give the food a chance and make decisions in the interest of the environment.

We are super happy and also a little proud that we managed to hire the well-known American illustrator Kelly Gilleran . Kelly specially designed our ladies for amazinGranola. All illustrations are protected and copyright © by amazinGranola.

Not at the moment, initially we will deliver with Swiss Post in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

No, we currently do not have any suitable (separate) sales premises. Therefore, a visit to the production facility is unfortunately not possible, especially due to hygienic safety requirements.

Yes, we intend to offer limited, seasonal special editions from time to time. The first is planned for Christmas 2023.

As a "fresh" and small startup, we are a very small team and can therefore not process customer inquiries by phone. Please understand that we can only deal with inquiries via e-mail after the daily production. Thank you very much.

These start FAQ's are continuously updated. If you have a question that is not listed here, please send us an email to

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